How Many Crowdcube Funded Companies Have Been Dissolved Or Liquidated

Funds Raised Via Crowdcube Platform Crowdcube started to raise funds for companies in 2011 and as expected for high-risk capital the companies that have been invested in by the crowd have had mixed results. Companies have been identified that have either been given the status of dissolved or liquidated at Companies House. This is of course the final coffin and resting place for a company and there will be many more companies who are in effect dormant or non longer trading that are harder to identify due to the time lag in reporting financial statements. Companies Funded Now Dissolved Or Liquidated Name Sector Raised in GBP No Of Investors Company Status Crowdfund Page MONII Advertising & Marketing 180,770 114 Dissolved Twenty Something London Advertising & Marketing 156,410 129 Dissolved Cape Fisheries Agriculture and Related 136,390 121 Dissolved BrĂ¼pond Brewery Alc

Passion Capital II LP Has Invested In Start-Ups, Who Are The Limited Partners?

Portfolio Of Passion Capital II LP Passion Capital II LP has invested in several startups including Burrow Limited Finimize Limited Open Risk Exchange Limited Pinipa Limited Uberchord Limited Tide Holdings Limited Property Works Limited Dogmates Ltd Xelix Limited The Fund was incorporated on 6 Jan 2015 and the general partner is Passion Capital II (GP) LLP and the Limited Partner Passion Capital (FP) LLP Passion Capital II LP Limited Partners Limited Partners Units Held Capital Commitment Sum of Drawdown 31 March 2019 British Business Finance 200 9,999,800 8,700,000 Achim Becker 60 2,999,940 2,610,000 Harald Becker 60 2,999,940 2,610,000 Passion Capital II (FP) LLP Limited Partner 42.5 2,124,958 1,848,750 Susanna Vermogensverwaltungs mbH 40 1,999,960 1,740,000 Stefan Glaenzer 32 1,599,968 1,392,000 HUSKELAPP Vermogensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH 30 1,499,970 1,305,000 Siebte PMB Management GmbH 30 1,499,970 1,305,0

Transferwise Have Recently Filed Their Latest Financial Statements. Who Are Their Shareholders?

Transferwise have recently filed their financial statements which show continuing profitability and growth. The company has continued to raise funding but also been able to provide secondary liquidity to founders and early investors as the demand for their shares has increased. The company has a bench containing many of the big-name VC’s both from the US and Europe in addition to institutional funds including Blackrock, Seedcamp, and Valar. Unlike many in this sector, Transferwise has never gone to the crowd and did their “crowd” style marketing by the viral stunts in their early bank bashing days. Will Transferwise IPO in 2021 It has been suggested that Transferwise may be looking at a 2021 IPO , but the founders have indicated that they currently do not have so much interest in that as they are able to provide liquidity via secondary sales without the public offering and burden that would bring. Shareholder Listing Of Transferwise Shareholder Ordinary Seed Preferred Ser